With Extraordinary Customer Experience As The Mission

About Us


Tianjin Tothanter Technologies Co., Ltd. is registered in the Xiqing District, of Tianjin. It was established on April 7, 2010 with the registered capital of 12.5 million yuan.

Tianjin Tothanter Technologies Co., Ltd. sells interconnectors and electromechanical components. We serve the industry, communication, railway, medical and other industries. With extraordinary customer experience as the mission, we provide fast, quality service and the latest products. We also provide our customers with professional product solutions, and solve the most complex application problems. We give comprehensive support to customers from design to delivery.

We offer our customers various types of connectors, and we have a professional technical team who will customize the solutions for our customers, so as to meet their specific application requirements. We provide our customers with value-added services, such as product interconnectivity performance tests, design, manufacturing and installation of connecting harnesses. We also sell sensors, relays, cable wires, power amplifiers, RF cable assemblies and other products, providing our customers with more product choices.

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