Smart cities, smart homes and self-driving cars are demanding unprecedented coverage and speed requirements.



Our industrial communications solutions help boost efficiency - safely and reliably.

Railways are all connecteds

Modern railways strive to be faster, safer, and more efficient they increase the reliance on connectivity solutions to provide the connection to data and information to better control performance. 

Dependable high speed data connectivity is driven by increasing passenger comfort demands and more sophisticated applications trackside and on-board trains.
Next generation trains provide operators with the ability to meet requirements for increased efficiency savings and new consumer loads including first-class office equipment, entertainment and passenger information. Ever increasing data rates and miniaturization are driving new developments towards compact, robust high-speed communication solutions.

Designed Today for Future Speeds

Our extensive experience in the wireless infrastructure industry enables us to provide solutions for access, core and transmission equipment including base stations, remote radio and wireless broadband systems. Our broad product portfolio helps address future requirements of wireless networks with a range of next-generation connector and cable assembly product offerings.

We have a broad range of input/output (I/O), board-to-board, power products and more to help you achieve your storage performance objectives. We combines innovation and quality, dependable products with the flexibility to deliver storage interconnect solutions practically anywhere in the world. We are your partner for creating the solutions that meet the demand of the next generation of our data-driven world.

Your Partner in Automation

With the development of the technology of the Internet of Things (IOT), the communication technology between machines has been applied in many industrial fields, but it is far from fully developed. The IOT technology will be the key to guarantee the manufacturers transition from traditional factory to intelligent factory or connection factory, which will make the factory more automatic and more efficient. 

Industrial production is increasingly driven by greater automation, safety and energy efficiency. You can count on us to work with you every step of the way to meet those requirements by developing solutions for all aspects of your production processes. Because we designs and manufactures solutions that connect and protect the flow of power, data and signal — in every aspect of our lives.

Smart technology is transforming devices, machines, and networks into the connected, responsive technology enabling the Internet of Things (IoT). To make this happen, manufacturers are installing miniature connectors, lightweight cabling, customized antennas, and multi-property sensors to improve, increase, and integrate data processing, power distribution, and signal transmission in connected cars, electrified powertrains, medical devices, smart appliances, industrial robots, building systems, data centers, communications and utility networks, and more.

The problem definition triggers a creative effort to come up with ideas on possible solutions leveraging the breadth of technologies we master to ultimately address the customer’s need.





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